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Authentic, raw and vulnerable storytelling about the lights and darks, highs and lows of life, in a judgement-free zone.

The Safe Haven Podcast - Reflections

August 9, 2019

August 9, 2019

I'm sitting at the gate at the Vancouver airport, waiting for my flight to Bali! I'm flying via Hong Kong, and land at the Denpasar airport at some ungodly hour on Sunday morning, where I will be met by a driver that will take me to Canggu!  (A huge thank you to Juliette for helping me arrange that ride and for welcoming me into her space!) 

Last night, I recorded a podcast with Kas Baker, a trans man I met through one of my best friends, Jess.  I met Kas and his wife Emily when they played a show that Jess and her band, The Long War played at in Vancouver at the Railway

A few nights ago, Jess and her brother Jarrett (lead singer/songwriter for The Long War) and I were sitting on their front porch, deep diving into some lovely chats about love and life and goals and books and the latest love in my life - The Safe Haven Podcast.

Jess and Jarrett know a lot of people, and have a network here in Vancouver that stems from a very musical and artistic background. We were throwing names and ideas around, and Jess mentioned their friend Kas, and how Kas's story would be an ideal fit for this podcast. 

Back up one sec... Two weeks ago, I met two really awesome gals that represent and support the LGTBQ community in Hamilton, Ontario.  Both are on the future guest list, by the way!  But this got me thinking about the different guests I can have, and then importance of inclusivity. Admittedly, when I began my guest list, it was very predominantly women. That does not mean that other genders and how people identify are off the table, just so that is very clear... I just hadn't had the opportunity to chase the content beyond the list I'd developed and the recordings I'd arranged. 

Jess told me the basics of Kas's story, and I was hooked. Sign him up. Next guest, next recording, fill tilt, let's go! - And sure enough, Kas jumped at the opportunity, and that's who I recorded with last night. 

Kas was born a female, but from his earliest years, identified as male. In his early teen years, he, still a she, can out as a lesbian. At 17 years old, Kas came out at trans, and his transition began. Now, ten years later, Kas is married to a beautiful power house of a gal named Emily, and they are creating a wonderful life together, with music and their super lazy fur baby, Max. 

I hope this will start conversations.

I hope people will ask questions.

I hope people will listen. 

I hope people feel safe. 

I hope people will be forthcoming.

I want people to be real.

I want people to be and feel safe being their authentic selves.

I want people to love people as they are, for who they are. 

Kas's story will be released as a TGIT on September 26, 2019... stay tuned! 

Thank you SO much for following along. This has been one of my favourite adventures yet! 

- A Xx