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Authentic, raw and vulnerable storytelling about the lights and darks, highs and lows of life, in a judgement-free zone.

Sarah Ritchie enlightens us with her journey towards healing of self and helping others heal.

September 16, 2019

Sarah Ritchie has had such a powerful and positive impact on my life. Trained originally as a school teacher, Sarah shares the life experiences and trainings that have helped shape the incredible light worker and healer she is today. Amongst many titles, Sarah is a lightworker, a healer, a Shaman, a Reiki Master, a Meditation Teacher, an RMT, an Intuitive, and a dear friend of mine.  

From painful skin conditions to bouts of depression, Sarah’s story about how she has arrived at where she is today doing the work she does will inspire you to follow what feels right, listen to your intuition, and whatever it is that makes your heart beat.