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Authentic, raw and vulnerable storytelling about the lights and darks, highs and lows of life, in a judgement-free zone.

Kathryn Darling (Berube) talks about the loss of her Mom to ALS, and shares some life lessons about working in the wilderness with women!

August 26, 2019

After being asked to be a guest on the podcast, Kathryn struggled with the topic idea we were considering; the loss of her Mom to ALS. This topic ended up being much more confronting that she'd anticipated, realizing that she hadn't fully grieved the loss of her Mom over the past 9 years.

So Kathryn came to the table willing to talk about her Mom but also couldn't resist diving into other positive parts of her life that have also shaped who she is today. She weaves the storyline of loss and sadness into her experiences with the wilderness, wild and powerful women who are both friends and mentors, and her journey as a mother.