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The Safe Haven Podcast provides a space to be real, raw, emotional, vulnerable, hilarious and/or completely care-free. A safe space to share personal stories about the lights and darks, highs and lows of life, in a judgement-free zone.

September 19, 2019

TGIT - Recording from Tsawwassen, with Harry and his hairless counterpart!

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

From looking after a geriatric bulldog to a diabetic cat and his hairless counterpart... just adding things to my resume! In this episode, I share my reflections on a Mark Manson article that I dove into this week called: “5 Skills to Help You Develop Emotional Intelligence.”  I also share five things from my bucket list that I’ve crossed off over the years and why they were important for me to check off, with a quick short story for each of those items! (Thanks for the idea, Barbara!) I wrap up with some fun news updates, including what it’s like to be a part of a Fantasy Football League without having a single idea about how it actually works; how much I loved doing an Escape Room this weekend; and some really exciting news about my sister! You’ll have to listen for the updates on that one!



Mark Manson's Blogs, Archived by Date!

ANZUK Education

The Dive Doctor

Revelstuck Escape Rooms

Yoga Teacher Training - Marianne Wells Yoga School


September 16, 2019

Sarah Ritchie enlightens us with her journey towards healing of self and helping others heal.

Sarah Ritchie has had such a powerful and positive impact on my life. Trained originally as a school teacher, Sarah shares the life experiences and trainings that have helped shape the incredible light worker and healer she is today. Amongst many titles, Sarah is a lightworker, a healer, a Shaman, a Reiki Master, a Meditation Teacher, an RMT, an Intuitive, and a dear friend of mine.  

From painful skin conditions to bouts of depression, Sarah’s story about how she has arrived at where she is today doing the work she does will inspire you to follow what feels right, listen to your intuition, and whatever it is that makes your heart beat. 



September 12, 2019

TGIT - While “glamping” in Surrey, BC!

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

I have great friends. This recording takes place in Julie and Glen’s camping trailer… guys, I’m glamping this week, and I love it!  

In this episode, I share the story about surprising Julie and Glen for their wedding, my take on Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, the importance on knowing what you want in a relationship and why big chats are so crucial, a university breakup (total blindside!), why being called “emotional” is A GOOD THING, my biggest insecurities, why the extra weight women carry below their belly button should be praised, and what I feel the differences are between hope and expectation.  I share some progress with regards to my September goals, and how happy I feel about people taking me up on my invite to reach out and share their stories with me so we can line up a recording session. 

… thank you, thank you, thank you! 



Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages

SWOOP Airlines


Reflection, Re: Kas's Story

September 9, 2019

Ashley Mariani dives into how her life has shaped her career in clinical psychology and her interest in storytelling!

Shortly after launching the podcast, Ashley Mariani reached out to ask me a few questions about the podcast. Long story short, we met up, we clicked, and now we’re friends! Ashley is a clinical social worker, is growing her own business, and has recently launched a podcast of her own!  In this episode, you’ll hear us chat about the importance of storytelling, knowing your own story inside out and being aware of how you retell it to others and yourself, sexuality, communication, growth in relationships, Impression management, and a variety of other topics! Ashley, I appreciate you so much!



September 4, 2019

TGIT - Back from Bali with some insights and goals for September!

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

I’ve made it back to Vancouver! This episode gives some updates on my adventure back from Bali and what I’m hoping September looks for me while I settle in to Vancouver. This is the first September in a few years that I haven’t been returning to a teaching job, so I’ve lined up a few new goals!  My September goals include finding a job, a place to live, and getting back into my fitness and clean eating. I share some of the books I’ve been reading and my biggest takeaways from then, along with what experiencing every emotion possible while walking down the beach last week felt like! I also do a mini dive into the importance of friendship in my life and how much I value my friendships around the globe. 

September 2, 2019

Sacha Fletcher shares how exercise has changed her life and helped her overcome depression!

Sacha radiates positivity and health - but is very open and real about her lows and struggles, and that’s what makes her such a great guest for this podcast! In this episode, you’ll hear our shared excitement for life and the little things, and about the importance of moving your body - whatever shape and size it may be. 

Sacha shares some of her personal struggles with depression, bullying and her weight, as well as her goals moving forward with her personal training business and home studio. Sacha’s energy is so infectious! 

August 29, 2019

TGIT - Trip updates from Bali, and reflecting on how sometimes feeling lonely is a gentle reminder and a lesson.

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

Some listeners and friends have been asking about what I’ve been up to, so I’ve taken today’s episode to deliver an update from Bali and my adventures in Gili Trawangan, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida, and Ubud.  It’s been such a special time!

I also elaborate a little bit on feeling lonely, and how that is super rare and confronting for me.  I’ve met some really cool new friends and they couldn’t have entered my life at a better time on this Indonesian adventure.  Considering I booked this trip months ago, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me, providing me with emotional, mental and physical space from some goings on in my life, and some time to just turn inward and worry about me for a bit.

Ahhh, life… xo 


August 26, 2019

Kathryn Darling (Berube) talks about the loss of her Mom to ALS, and shares some life lessons about working in the wilderness with women!

After being asked to be a guest on the podcast, Kathryn struggled with the topic idea we were considering; the loss of her Mom to ALS. This topic ended up being much more confronting that she'd anticipated, realizing that she hadn't fully grieved the loss of her Mom over the past 9 years.

So Kathryn came to the table willing to talk about her Mom but also couldn't resist diving into other positive parts of her life that have also shaped who she is today. She weaves the storyline of loss and sadness into her experiences with the wilderness, wild and powerful women who are both friends and mentors, and her journey as a mother.

August 22, 2019

TGIT - Lindsey and I chat about her concussion recovery while visiting in Bali!

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

During my first week in Bali, I met up with one of my greatest friends, Lindsey Francis.  Recently back from her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, she and I caught up in Canggu before she headed back to the New Zealand winter.  I feel so grateful to have been able to catch up in person! We’re usually in touch via FaceTime or hand written… (or typed!) letters in the mail.  This girl is a powerhouse, and a really real one at that. Like many of us, she’s had her ups and downs, and although she was a little reluctant to jump into sharing a story on the podcast, she did!  Linds shares about a bad concussion and her recovery afterwards, including depression, visits with a neuro, and an exercise addiction. 

Linds, I really value you and our friendship! Xx 

August 19, 2019

Joleen Thomas shares her scary journey with a daughter who has dozens of deadly allergies…

Joleen starts her story with how she met the love of her life, and how they joined their lives together. Shortly after they got serious - they got pregnant with Olivia - born one year to the day of their first date! Their lives changed quite significantly with the extremely severe allergies that presented with Olivia, and Joleen shares her stories about the challenges and difficulties with this in the young stages of Olivia’s life and how these allergies have altered their lives - but also how they work cohesively to make their lives as normal as possible. Joleen home-schools her kids and keeps her family outdoors and very active! This story will really inspire you to live your best life and to turn your lack of food intolerances and allergies into pure gratitude.

This episode is much longer than a typical weekly release, but we just couldn’t cut this story short!   

August 15, 2019

TGIT - Hello, from Bali!

Thank Goodness it's Thursday! - Hello, from Bali! - A few fun updates about the last few days here in Bali and where my busy brain is at!  Some reflections that go deeper than anticipated as go on a few solo mini rambles! 

I am so grateful to be here in Bali, and have endless amounts of gratitude for my friend Juliette for having me stay with her! I love you, friend. 

Please be sure to rate, review, like, subscribe, and maybe tell a friend! :) 


Try this! So fun and so accurate... https://www.16personalities.com/

August 12, 2019

Brandi Hewson speaks about entrepreneurship and the personal challenges associated with chasing your dreams!

Brandi gets real with us about the struggles of being a really passionate entrepreneur.  Working in a male-dominated industry, Brandi’s drive and dedication to chasing her goals keeps her in motion and her business growing! From traveling the world, to family holidays, days at Wonderland to weekends on the boat, she’s a wife, Mom, inspiring and successful entrepreneur, and super dedicated woman. Brandi hopes to set an example of hard work and work-life balance for her family and for women in the community and around the world. Her vulnerability in this podcast was “unexpected,” as she put it afterwards, and is really real!

Website: https://www.waiproducts.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Waiproducts/

August 8, 2019

TGIT - Inspiring chats with my new friend, Grace Paul!

Thank Goodness it's Thursday!

I made a new friend when I was in London! Her name is Grace Paul, and she’s such a cool person. Grace is a cook, a blogger, and an editor. 

In this podcast, you’ll hear about her latest shift - leaving her job!  But this shift sheds so much light on her positive and sound mindset, where her visions lie, what her passions are, and what her goals are for her near and distant future. Her wisdom and insights are incredible.  Grace, you’re so great, and I really appreciate you! 



August 5, 2019

Stacy McLean shares her journey and challenges in her life as T1 Mom

Stacy has found the balance between science and art… she’s had to, ever since her son Parker was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic.  Life goes on for a T1, but it certainly has its ups and downs, and not just with regard to blood sugar levels. Long nights, stressful days, planning every meal and where to eat, dangerous lows and highs, numerous appointments and learning through these challenges as Parker grows up.

Stacy is so knowledgeable and her real life stories about the stress and the struggles.  If you’re a T1, this podcast will help you feel less alone, and for everyone else with a functioning pancreas, will make you feel so grateful that your pancreas works as it should.

August 1, 2019

TGIT - Life in the fast lane!

Thank Goodness it's Thursday!

Some recent updates about what’s going on in my life, including the drive across Canada, my perspectives on normalizing normal bodies and some insecurities, podcasts I love, why I love bucket lists, and what brings me back to centre. Listeners have been asking how they can support the podcast… so I reluctantly share how you can do so! 

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- A Xx

July 29, 2019

Project SHE. with two incredible young women, Shay Hutchings and Sarah Comer!

On Monday, June 17th, I saw something pop up on my Instagram feed that made me smile… Project SHE.  When I saw Shay’s name attached to it, I knew I needed to jump on her at spin that afternoon… and did just that. We knew we needed to get a recording in ASAP, and the girls came over the next day for a lovely evening chat!

Shay Hutchings and Sarah Comer are two of the wisest 24 year old women I have ever met. In this episode, they share a basic timeline of their *relationship* and how their steadfast friendship has brought them together for an incredible project and business endeavour - Project SHE.  

You will hear the girls talk about who SHE. is, what their visions of Project SHE. are, and what to expect from this journey. You’ll be amazed as what these two young women have started, and will immediately share their visions of success. Project SHE. is going to explode!

Instagram: @projectshe_

July 25, 2019

TGIT - Brenda Coty and I decipher my Emotion Code / Body Code session!

This week's TGIT episode is pretty unique!

I was given Brenda’s contact information from two different friends in the matter of two weeks… you know my feelings on the universe, so when Darlene mentioned Brenda again at spin one afternoon, I knew it was time to make the call. We spoke for over an hour, like we’d known each other for years.

Brenda is a lightworker, using many modalities Including the Emotion Code and the Body Code to release blocked emotions. Brenda suggested that we do a session for me so that I could speak to that experience during our recording!

Well… to say the least and to keep some suspense, I was blown away. We did the session, and in this podcast episode, we dive into how the session went, what came up, and Brenda explains how she helps people move into being the best version of themselves.

There’s no holding back in this episode! You’ll learn a lot about me, too! Thanks for listening! Xx

July 22, 2019

Anonymous Guest - Overcoming a Mental Health Label and Sexual Abuse

*Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse*

I like to think that society is slowing waking up to the importance of talking about mental health... it's so important to care for and maintain your mental health and wellbeing, and this guest and I get into that discussion.

This beautiful soul shares her struggles with mental health, medication, a label that she carried for seven years, sexual abuse in a relationship, and how she’s overcome these lows to rise and grow into the incredible woman she is today.

July 18, 2019

TGIT - Some fun updates from me, from the car, on the side of the road!

Today's TGIT is fun! It comes to you from the side of the road in farm country, near Orangeville, Ontario! In this light hearted episode, you'll get some of the latest updates and some fun stories.

Thank goodness for cellphone hotspots to upload, and this lovely mic / MacBook Pro set up... 


- A Xx

July 15, 2019

Chyna Schell shares her journey with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

In this very raw and vulnerable episode, Chyna shares her struggles and journey with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. She doesn’t hold back, and is so aware of how prevalent PPD and PPA is, and is working hard amongst her peers and this community to spread awareness and remove any stigmas related to mental health, PPD/PPA, and medication. Chyna is so knowledgeable and real in all areas of her life, and this podcast episode is no exception.

Grab the Kleenex… this is so powerful.

July 11, 2019

TGIT - Katie and I chat about my time in London, England, and what life is like here for Katie!

Thank goodness it’s Thursday!

For this week's TGIT episode, I convinced my super lovely friend Katie (and host for this leg of my adventure) to sit and have a light hearted chit chat with me about my time here in London so far, and what living in London is like for her.

Katie has been living here in England for nearly five years. We met in Australia in 2013, and have maintained a friendship from a distance. I really value and appreciate Katie and her friends for welcoming me into their space!  She’s created a super lovely and supportive network of friends here who are more like family, and I was so fortunate to meet so many of them.

July 8, 2019

Heather Schmidt (Kennedy) speaks about the death of her brother Ryan…

On October 19th, 2011, Heather and her family went through something no family should ever have to go through… the loss of her brother, to a horrendous home invasion.  Heather shares her version of this story with us, and how life has changed since those dark days, weeks and months. Heather is such a strong individual, and after listening to this story, you’ll have a totally new understanding of grace and gratitude.

*Get the Kleenex.*

July 4, 2019

TGIT - Annelie shares some beautiful perspectives on her life and yoga journey!

I started following Annelie on Instagram about a year and a half ago after one of my besties won a workshop with her online.  I was immediately drawn into her real and raw nature online, sharing parts of her life and her yoga practice and life lessons with her followers.

We were both experiencing a similar low last year, and I sent her a message, admittedly not expecting a reply, but simply just sending some love… low and behold, she replied!  Having followed her for a while, I really started to appreciate the things she was sharing, and her insights online. While creating my guest list, I immediately thought of her and how cool it would be to have her as a guest… so, I sent another message, and she jumped at the opportunity to chat with me!

Annelie and I learned quickly that we share many parallels in life and personality, and connected very easily! From some dark days in high school to her yoga practice, progress and growth on Instagram, and some really great perspectives on all things life, Annelie shares some stories with us that will really brighten your day.

Instagram: @annelieyoga

July 1, 2019

Victoria Chaulk shares her stories of life, love, living abroad, and a successful business, designing a life she loves!

Victoria is a gorgeous human, inside and out.  In this episode, she shares her journey into her own online marketing business success, that allows her to design the life she loves! She reminisces and shares some travel stories, how she met her love, and shares how and why they work so well as a team to make their relationship work while she spends 9 months with him in Honduras and 3 months back home working each summer with the goal of getting Denis here to stay!

Instagram: @viictoriachaullk

June 27, 2019

TGIT - My sister Allison and I hang out, and Allison shares some stories about her love and life!

After some lovely feedback about last Thursday's random episode, I've started thinking that some random Thursday drops might blend in nicely and give my lovely listeners so more to munch on during the week.  I think we'll call these ones TGIT - That Goodness it's Thursday! - because really, Thursdays were my favourite weekday this year, and felt like a little Friday.

Some will be with guests, and others will just be me!

So this week's TGIT features my sister, Allison! She has a huge heart, often guarded, but is one of the most thoughtful and caring humans I know. We weren't always friends, but have finally come to the stage where we just love each other to pieces and feel so grateful for one another. I'm super lucky to have her as a sister and a best friend. 

You'll hear some thumps - another learning curve - hand talkers that tap on wooden surfaces while talking... and while recording... well, those thumps really comes through the mic! Ahhhh well, we get excited! 

Thanks for listening!