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Authentic, raw and vulnerable storytelling about the lights and darks, highs and lows of life, in a judgement-free zone.

October 31, 2019

TGIT - Reflections on Halloween and “sexy” costume mentalities while entering 2019’s final Mercury Retrograde!

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

Not only is it Halloween today, it’s the first day of the last Mercury Retrograde of 2019! Unsure of what that means? I share a little in this episode about what retrograde means, and why the next three weeks may feel rather emotional and intense! I also share some perspectives on some chats with Jess and a few articles I’ve read recently about Halloween, costumes, the expectation and/or acceptance around “sexy” costumes, and why freedom of expression should really be embraced - especially for Halloween.  I read an article about “slut-shaming” this week, and how it’s the most scary thing about Halloween. Halloween is loved by so many people, disliked by others, and misunderstood by a huge majority of the world that doesn’t even recognize the day! So enjoy, embrace, and accept. 

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N ! 




Article - Mercury In Retrograde Is Around The Corner, And It's Time To Be Cautious

Article - How Parents Should Talk About Sexy Halloween Costumes With Teens And Children

Article - The Scariest Part Of Halloween Is Costume Slut-Shaming

October 28, 2019

Karen Orr speaks about maintaining balance as an ICU nurse and living with a chronic illness.

Karen Orr, my “newish” friend shares some stories about her career as an ICU nurse and how she prioritizes her mental health and establishing a work-life balance. In this episode, Karen speaks about her diagnosis with Crohn's in 2004 and what life is like living with a chronic illness.  Currently in remission, Karen explains how Crohn's has really dominated her life and her level of planning and spontaneity. She shares some travel stories about how scary traveling can be with a chronic illness. 

Reserving energy is so crucial for everyone, but particularly for people living with a chronic illness.  With her career and working through life with her chronic illness, Karen works hard to reach her goals, and elaborates on how she holds herself accountable for reaching them and how every goal she’s set for herself, she’s achieved or is in the process of achieving.  




Brain on Fire

The Moscow Rules

52 Lists 

Spoon Theory


October 24, 2019

TGIT - A collision after an emotional week leads to some serious reflections on finances…

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

An emotional week last week was accentuated by a fender bender in a parking lot earlier this week. The collision was as “good” as a collision could be, but really brought some financial perspectives full circle.  I practice being vulnerable on this week’s TGIT by sharing some emotional perspectives I faced last week with regards to finances, and how some great friends of mine helped me pull my head in. I open up about some of my thought patterns with regards to finances, and how a chat with Jess opened up a can of worms about money scripts and money stories, the stories and limiting beliefs we all have about money and why it’s so important to understand your relationship with money. This week, I’m simply sharing the wave of emotions and thoughts I experienced this week!  

This podcasts means so much to me, and I’m still chasing this dream.



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October 21, 2019

Juliette Leufke shares some life stories, including how the loss of her Mom and yoga have helped shape her life and who she is today.

Juliette and I met during our Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica in 2017.  We were in the same room, and established a friendship that has kept us connected.  Juliette is a person I admire so greatly. She’s intelligent, generous, talented and ambitious. Before jetting off to Burning Man in August, Juliette sat down with me to share some of her life stories with us for the podcast. In this episode, Juliette shares stories about her life growing up, going to school in several countries, traveling around the world, working and living abroad. She opens up about the loss of her Mother, and how that contributed to her battle with depression and suicidal thoughts. She shares her journey with yoga and meditation, her recent Vipassana, and how they’ve shaped her life and who she is today. Juliette’s passion for health and wellness is so prevalent in her words, her lifestyle and her business endeavours. 



Burning Man 

The Locomotive Co.

Bulan Yoga


October 17, 2019

TGIT - Thanksgiving updates, and some perspectives on money!

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

Another day, another drive, another roadside recording! Some fun Thanksgiving weekend updates, including the wrap up to the tire saga that started last week!  A really lovely weekend in the Koots, and some intense games of Scrabble. The drive is beautiful, but it’s very long! So I listen to podcasts. Not just The Safe Haven Podcast, but a few others I’ll fill you in on, including one called HerMoney. After listening to several episodes of the HerMoney podcast today on my drive back to the lower mainland, I share some of my insights and perspectives on money and some of the views that really stood out. Hoodies or crewnecks anyone? Catch the details at the end about where you can share your interest! Thanks for your love and support!  




Beautiful Anonymous

October 14, 2019

Myana Welch speaks about love, being Miss Universe, modelling and an her journey as an entrepreneur!

Myana and I met in Bali, and immediately feel into a genuine friendship. This girl is a powerhouse, and I admire her so greatly.  From growing up as an island girl, moving around the world, modelling, and even being Miss Universe to becoming a very ambitious entrepreneur, Myana is a force to be reckoned with. She's real, she's compassionate, she's intelligent, and she sets really high goals for herself - then puts the work in to achieve them. Myana shares some personal stories about what it was like growing up on the islands, what being Miss Universe entails, about some of her struggles with endometriosis, and many others.  Her stories are from the heart, and I hope you love our "visit" and her stories and messages!



Instagram: @myanabananas


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Color Me Pure

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October 10, 2019

TGIT - Finding balance, saying no, and why knowing yourself is so crucial to your wellbeing.

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

This week’s TGIT elaborates a little on how I reset when I feel overwhelmed, how I work towards finding balance, and what goes on inside my squirrel brain sometimes with my mind’s internal dialogue.  My mind is always on the go…

A text from a friend sparked a chat about the fact that we shouldn’t assume, so I elaborate on The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and why they are so important to incorporate into your life.  That trails into some more chats with another friend about communication and how difficult it can be to speak our truth… but how important it is to do! There are also some updates on how things have been going here in BC, and why winter tires have created so much drama in my life this week. 

H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N G ! 



16 Personalities Quiz

The Difference: Introvert / Extrovert

The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz

October 7, 2019

Natasha Grant opens up about the struggles she and her husband Kyle faced with secondary infertility… “Worth every injection.”

Back in July, while chasing content around Western Ontario, I met up with an old friend, Natasha Grant.  In this episode, Natasha (joined by her sweetheart daughter Charlie!) opens up and elaborates on the challenges she and her husband Kyle faced with secondary infertility last year.  They conceived their son Finn almost immediately after saying “I do!” - but their journey with their second born, Charlie, was far from that. From highs and lows, waiting for phone calls, referrals and appointments, hormone injections and procedures, this story sheds light on something many people experience.  

Natasha and Kyle are such a powerful team, and collectively hope that their story helps people feel understood and less alone. 

They welcome any questions and stories and offer support and ears to anyone who needs to talk! 



Robin's Nest Family Care

One Fertility

Tiarne Shaw

Dr Janine Buisman Wilcox, ND

October 3, 2019

TGIT - Surprise! … Back from Ontario, and teaching already!

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

Well here’s an update for the books… I am back in BC after a visit in Ontario! - yes, you read that correctly… I was in Ontario last weekend, and it was AMAZING.  It was definitely strange to be there and not see my besties or have a car at my disposal to use to get where I wanted to go when I wanted or needed to. It was a massive time crunch - but was so worth it. I surprised my whole family (stories included!), spent Friday night with my sister and my nieces, was a plus-one at a wedding on Saturday, had great visits with my parents and grandparents, and got my required vulnerable sector check completed for my BC teaching requirements... flew in first thing on Tuesday, taught yesterday, and have another gig today! GO MODE to the extreme, and I love it. 




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