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Authentic, raw and vulnerable storytelling about the lights and darks, highs and lows of life, in a judgement-free zone.

June 27, 2019

TGIT - My sister Allison and I hang out, and Allison shares some stories about her love and life!

After some lovely feedback about last Thursday's random episode, I've started thinking that some random Thursday drops might blend in nicely and give my lovely listeners so more to munch on during the week.  I think we'll call these ones TGIT - That Goodness it's Thursday! - because really, Thursdays were my favourite weekday this year, and felt like a little Friday.

Some will be with guests, and others will just be me!

So this week's TGIT features my sister, Allison! She has a huge heart, often guarded, but is one of the most thoughtful and caring humans I know. We weren't always friends, but have finally come to the stage where we just love each other to pieces and feel so grateful for one another. I'm super lucky to have her as a sister and a best friend. 

You'll hear some thumps - another learning curve - hand talkers that tap on wooden surfaces while talking... and while recording... well, those thumps really comes through the mic! Ahhhh well, we get excited! 

Thanks for listening! 

June 24, 2019

Kortney Ecclestone has been seizure free since October 2011! Listen to her story of epilepsy and life changing surgeries.

Kortney Ecclestone (formerly Gerber) was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was in high school. In this episode, Kortney shares her timelines through this journey, as well as what kept her going through her surgeries and struggles. She's been seizure free since her benign tumour was removed in October 2011!

A message from Kortney: "So... I know that when you listen to this podcast episode, you might think “wow, she sounds super happy and lighthearted about her whole experience”. Please know... this is mostly nerves. My experience was real. It was emotional and traumatic and terrifying, and sometimes the best way to face fear is with laughter. I also want to point out how fortunate I have been. Not everyone is a candidate for surgery. I know that, and I am very grateful for the gift I have been given. I am also blessed with the most AMAZING friends and family... who love me and support me unconditionally."

Kortney mentions Katie's Run, which is in Haliburton on July 6, 2019.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatiesRunforEpilepsy/

June 20, 2019

TGIT - Unscheduled random release; some Podcast updates with Amanda!

Hey everyone! This is Amanda, the host of The Safe Haven Podcast, just popping on to say "heeeyy!"

I just couldn’t hold out any longer, and needed to drop another *solo* episode to express my gratitude and share some updates. Thank you, SO much, for listening. Your support and patience has kept my fire stoked, and words can hardly articulate the gratitude I feel.

The podcast is already doing what I’d hoped it would do… join people together, make them feel less alone, and help people connect. Messages aren’t just being sent to me… they’re being sent to the guests who are sharing their stories. They’re touching lives and hearts.  I’d hoped that this podcast would help people feel less alone, and more connected to the world around them, and we’re already there. A perfect example is how one of my besties in Vancouver has already reached out to Nancy about setting up a call! The network is growing and becoming a strong movement already. I owe it to my guests, and you, my listeners. Thank you for your vulnerability and for your support.

In this release, I also:

- acknowledge sound quality and inconsistency!

- share upcoming guests to keep you stoked!  

- let you in on some super fun statistics


... thank you so much! 


Instagram: @thesafehavenpodcast


June 17, 2019

Michelle Moraal; the importance of kindness and resilience in her life growing up with drug addicted parents

Michelle is a friend of mine here in Haliburton! We met working at a local restaurant one summer during university.  In this episode, Michelle shares her story about growing up with a Mom she didn't know and a drug addicted Dad.  She talks about her dark past and estranged Mother, what life was like growing up, the significant shifts in her life, meeting the sister she didn't know she had, and the people that have helped shape her into the incredible and resilient woman she is today. 

June 10, 2019

Nancy Brownsberger; Grow Optimism business after a devastating house fire

Nancy Brownsberger has to be one of the most genuine and authentic people I have ever met. During a girls night on March 28, 2014, Nancy's house burned down... in this episode, Nancy opens up about the devastation of that night and the months that followed, along with her journey afterward through depression and PTSD, and how she was able to move forward from sitting in the *ick* of this life altering event. Nancy's main goal in this life is to serve others as her most authentic self, and does just that with her job and business, Grow Optimism. 

(PS: You'll hear the phone ring, the oven tell us that the pizza is ready, and you will even the lawn mower as John finishes his chores for the day! But hey, I promised real life with this podcast, didn't I?  And please note some strong language used in this episode - from the soul, and full of raw, real emotion.)


Find Nancy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrowOptimism/

Find Nancy on Instagram: @growoptimism